Data-driven toolset to optimize the most complex supply chains


Our approach

At e-llis, we dedicate our state-of-the-art IT systems provide rich, real-time information to our customers as we optimize stages throughout the entire supply chain. Our vision is to build a supply chain platform that enables our customers to increase the efficiency of their own processes and integrate deeply with their supply chain partners. To do this, we provide support in areas such as Tender, Contract, Order and Logistics Management.

World-class analytics and implementable solutions 

Customers can also call on us to review and optimise processes beyond e-llis’ traditional scope. Our team places your business first, acting in an independent, unbiased way and in close cooperation with IT departments. We take a forward-looking and positive approach that challenges established processes. And we always strive for agility as we help you achieve the right mix of business, process and tools skills for your organisation.

Advanced processes and technologies
4PL Control Tower – end-to-end visibility
Consultancy – comprehensive, data-driven advice
Real-time, integrated data
Business Process as a Service
We typically challenge existing processes and traditional IT-departments in a positively critical way.
– Renaat Sohl, Process & Technology

Advanced processes and tools

e-llis has invested in a variety of advanced processes and tools to support our day-to-day operations. The common element running through all of our solutions is a bottom-up, integrated approach to data visualisation and analytics. We make sure that all of our systems collect the right data, and then structure and present it through meaningful dashboards to support operational, tactical and strategical business decisions.   

4PL Control Tower – end-to-end visibility

These processes and tools help our 4PL Control Tower provide end-to-end visibility as we continuously monitor the performance of all supply chain participants. We complement this with pro-active issue detection and problem resolution. All information gathered in the process is bundled into an analytical platform that allows our engineers and our customers to deep-dive on the total business. 

Consultancy – comprehensive, data-driven advice

Our consultancy team uses advanced systems for data collection and cleaning and scenario design, as well to simulate and present results. This toolset enables the team to convert complex data sets to realistic and comprehensive advice for our customers.

Ocean Freight Buying Group – optimized market rates

The Ocean Freight Buying Group uses best-in-class tools to gather customer requirements, translate them into optimized market searches and run interactive RFQ’s and tenders. We can then present the results to customers in different formats, allow them to select packages or cherry-pick rates for optimal costs.

Real-time, integrated data

The key to successful supply chain management is access to real-time and reliable data from all supply chain participants. We are closely integrated with many logistics operators, using industry standard and customer-specific messages. This allows our customers to tap into this information and link all of their supply chain partners to the platform as well. e-llis will set up and manage of the information flows.

Business Process as a Service – access our experience

Customers can also use our processes and tools to manage areas of their business that they manage on their own, taking advantage of our profound experience in supply chain process management through a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) platform. This provides full visibility and control on a single platform, with advanced dashboards and optional consultant assistance. It also offers advanced and powerful tools to run complex global market searches, allowing you to run tenders expertly and efficiently. This combination of tools and services therefore provides immediate access to proven solutions, while also helping customers also stay permanently up-to-date with any new developments in the market. 

Access the Process & Technology experience

The key to successful supply chain management is access to real-time and reliable data from all supply chain participants. We are closely integrated with many logistics operators. For more information about e-llis Process & Technology contact Renaat Sohl.