We focus on meeting stringent requirements for customers of all sizes


A focus on the right providers with the right support

At e-llis, our Ocean Freight Buying Group activities focus on meeting stringent requirements for customers of all sizes. We will help you select the right provider. Then we will provide realistic forecasting to prevent issues before they happen, along with extended origin support and a global control tower for full visibility and control.  

Tailored provider selection and management

e-llis has been negotiating global and local logistics contracts for years, with global scale volumes and best-in-class tendering processes that allow us to achieve market-outperforming rates. At the same time, we focus on matching our customers’ requirements with service providers of the right scale and capabilities. Once selected, we then provide support to set up contracts and manage the long-term relationship. e-llis will monitor day-to-day contract consumption, operations execution and operator performance. Of course, we will also share our regular performance reviews for all contracted operators with you on a consistent basis.

Focus on the right providers and support
Tailored provider selection and management
Realistic rolling forecasts
Fine-tuned capacity management
Real-time visibility and insight
XXX Our greatest sense of satisfaction comes from our customers’ success, as they decide to implement our proposed solutions and reap the benefits of their optimized supply chain activities.
– Dorus van der Linden, Ocean Freight

Realistic rolling forecasts and fine-tuned capacity management

In global logistics, capacity management is key to the on-time fulfillment of customer requirements. e-llis therefore creates realistic rolling forecasts for all service providers, monitoring them to ensure that they are in line with the contracted capacity. This allows us to detect volume deviations before they actually impact operations. At the same time, our Ocean Freight Management Team cooperates closely with all contracted operators to fine-tune medium and short-term capacity fluctuations, with the single goal of fulfilling your shipping needs. If an unavoidable market constraint does occur, we will work closely with you to mitigate impact on your business.

Extended origin support for immediate action

Even the best operator partnerships and capacity management can be affected by ad hoc issues in the shipment process. These issues require immediate follow up and action. Whether you face a shipping delay from a vendor, an equipment shortage at the port, or an allocation issue on the carrier side, our local e-llis Ocean Freight team will intervene with all parties in their local market and time-zone. And because we are closely related to operators’ local operations teams and regional management, we can easily escalate structural problems to global account management as part of contract management.     

A control tower for reliable, real-time visibility and insight

Reliable, real-time insight is essential to the booking and transport execution process – it ensures that everybody has the same information at all times. Our central control tower provides the visibility needed to perform these activities, and is available to all of our customers as you follow up on order and shipment progress. If you like, we can also make the control tower available to vendors, allowing them to interact on orders and shipments to help ensure ‘first-time-right’ information handling. All data collected in our day-to-day operations is structured into a global data warehouse. This enables us to build industry standard and customer-specific dashboards, with the relevant KPIs and trend indications. You will also have the ability to perform deep-dives on data to assess issues and improve your long-term ocean freight performance. 

Get the right support with the e-llis Ocean Freight Buying Group

We focus on meeting stringent requirements for customers of all sizes, and we will help you select the right provider with the right support. For more information about e-llis Ocean Freight Buying Group contact Dorus van der Linden.