About us

e-llis – a true 4PL provider

At e-llis, we are committed to providing the very best 4PL services to customers across the globe. Our solutions focus on delivering continuous improvement and cost reduction through best-in-class supply chain technology platforms. We also emphasize a collaborative approach that enables customers to maximize opportunity while concentrating on their own core business.

Our data-driven logistics network solutions include the construction, integration, optimization and management of even the most complex supply chains. And as a true, independent and non-asset-based 4PL provider, we avoid any potential conflicts of interest while negotiating outstanding contracts and creating excellent outcomes.

Our four business units

At e-llis, our four business units cover all aspects of supply chain performance:

Our four guiding principles

All of us at e-llis are driven by four guiding principles:

e-llis 4 guiding principles – Stoere Binken Design

These guiding principles keep us focused on a customer-centric approach and an entrepreneurial spirit as we deliver the best possible solutions for long-lasting relationships based on trust and value.

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