Optimizing Supply Chains by combining the best of people and data

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We are a true 4PL provider

At e-llis, we are committed to providing the very best 4PL services to customers across the globe. Our solutions focus on delivering continuous improvement and cost reduction through best-in-class supply chain technology platforms. We also emphasize a collaborative approach that enables customers to maximize opportunity while concentrating on their own core business.

Our four business units

Our data-driven logistics network solutions include the construction, integration, optimization and management of even the most complex supply chains. And as a true, independent and non-asset-based 4PL provider, we avoid any potential conflicts of interest while negotiating outstanding contracts and creating excellent outcomes.

Advanced Control Tower for the execution of optimized supply chains
Supply Chain Consultancy & Solutions for data-driven, strategic network design
Ocean Freight for excellence in contracts and origin support
Supply Chain Process & Technology for visibility and data integration
Our mission is to help our customers improving their supply chains through intense collaboration and a data-driven project approach.
– Rudi Roex, Managing Director