Solidus Solutions

Project Type: Portfolio and production optimization

Solidus Solutions is a leading manufacturer in solid carton packaging within multiple industries. The strength of their products is characterized by water resistance and high-quality printing capabilities.

The product portfolio of Solidus is composed of many individual SKU’s, which causes inefficiencies in the end-2-end supply chain. Several plants (mills and converters) are encouraged to improve their financial and operational performance.

Solidus needs to rationalize their SKUs and realize an EBITDA improvement, through:

  • Ops improvement
  • Inventory reduction
  • Lead Time improvement
  • Asset utilization

Together with e-llis a project has been set-up to investigate potential breakthroughs. The product portfolio was analyzed in order to detail out potential product overlaps. Production cost, BOM cost and quantities, production capacity, and batch sizes are considered.

This collaborative project resulted in a double-digit reduction of production cost. Next to that there was a saving potential on safety stock and a capacity increase in various production process steps.

Solidus was able to take-out complexity of their supply chain, re-design its product by making use of less BOM’s and set-up a standard product portfolio.

“The project has driven our inventory levels south, took complexity out of the factory and most importantly, reduced lead-times. it’s been a great journey for which I warmly recommend the e-llis team.”  – Niek Visarius, COO at Solidus-Solution


About SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS: SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is the leading European sustainable fiber-based packaging provider for food & beverage, consumer goods and industrial applications. They have a long history reaching 150 years, a strong reputation in the industry as well as deep customer relationships that create a resilient customer base.